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Full Version: How to get rid of a virus on apple ipod
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First off have your anti virus ready i personally recommend using avira. Plug your device in using the cable provided go to my computer then simply right click the device you would like to scan. Once you have done this click scan device and let it run for the specified amount of time needed until the virus is fully removed.
Source: Apples guide on a virus removal
After you delete the virus try resetting it completely so everything resets to when you bought it. Or you could do that right now if you either backed up everything you have or you don't care if everything gets erased.
iOS does not get infected.
There is only one worm...I dont think you have it because you would not be able to turn it on.
When it boots it boots to a gif, that doesnt go away.
The only way to really get infected is to Jailbreak & install something or even visit malicious sites.
There are no legitimate iOS based viruses. You must have installed an app that is screwing with your device.
Try resetting to defaults / reinstalling iOS and starting from scratch, that'll solve your problems.
It's really hard if not impossible to get your Apple device infected. You might just be paranoid.
I have never heard of a virus that infects an iPod, I think you're a bot..
Ok, am I the only one that thinks she is a refferal for Norton now???
Sorry about this thread guys i mistakenly somehow posted this as a thread instead of a post i really would love to know how i managed that however i did LoL. I was supposed to respond to someone elses thread regarding a virus on there apple device. My appologies
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