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Full Version: My new boyfriend has a Chinchilla <3
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I thought it was a bunny rabbit (and I looove bunny rabbits Tongue), and it was sooo adorable! He got it out of the cage and he told me that Chinchillas are actually very smart. They can live up to 30 human years, and hours after birth can literally begin running around the cage. They are soft like a fuzzy pillow, and he told me a story of how one passed away recently, then he got all teary eye'd and turned away, and I grabbed him and kissed him, and told him how cute the one named "Emerald" is.

[Image: typical-chinchilla.jpg]
Love them things. They are SOOO soft.
I've never seen one in real life before, but they look cute as hell.
Isn't that like a rat or something? Why don't you just get a dog or a cat?
that is a cute animal there. emerald is a sick name
(12-15-2011, 03:35 PM)๖ۣۜHacker™ Wrote: [ -> ]Isn't that like a rat or something? Why don't you just get a dog or a cat?

That made me laugh, haha.
Your friend Emerald looks very cute.
She is cute as freeeaking hell, I will ask my bf why they are better than cats or dogs he gave me a really good explanation, but I think he likes that they live up to 30 years, he llllloves cats, and he has a bunch of degrees so he likes how smart Chinchillas are. I am a hot blonde so I am still learning. ::Big GrinD
Did you take that picture or get it off the internet?
TBH, I think that it looks like a cute, fat rat, LOL.
I like him though <3.

Not going to lie, but that sure as hell would be a conversation point if someone came over.

Quote:They can live up to 30 human years

Seriously? Wouldn't you get sick of it after like, 10 years?

I honestly never knew these things existed outside of Runescape (Played many years ago.)
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