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Full Version: Change fan speed?
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Ive been looking at some programs that are meant to change fan speed, mine seems to run too slow at times when its overheating itself. I was wondering if you know any good programs or ways to change the fan speed?
you could take the bottom panels off and blast that bitch with sum dustoff
Clean it! That will help and see if any cords arent plugged fully or if anythings jammed. Im not sure about programs thoughSad
I beleive you can use notebook hardware control. or NHC. it's a program. I think that's the name.
Time to pull out the hoover and clean out the dust!
clean the dust off of it lol, a lot of people don't ever do that.
(09-25-2011, 12:25 AM)Barack Obama Wrote: [ -> ]clean the dust off of it lol, a lot of people don't ever do that.
Well I have done that now, fan isn't going as crazy anymore ^_^
You can also use a utility called "Speedfan".
You can try one of those speedfan program that helps to control the speed of your fan.. Also, you can control the speed through
the bios..

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As other have suggested you can download programs too do so, just be careful not to over run it unless you want a burnt out fan.
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