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Full Version: Do any of you actually use PHP from the CLI?
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A web-based All in One, a URL shortener, and I'm also learning C, in which I'm creating an IRC bot (non malicious) and something else that I'd rather not say ;)
Ahh nice. I am a C# person when it comes to programming. I used to be really big into games, and such so I'm always trying to think of something to help a game, like a ban search tool, or something like that.
I started learning C# at one point, but didn't really get into it. Loving C so far.
C is a good programming language. I was into ASM and C a long time ago, but now it's mainly C++ instead of C. I also program in languages like and C#, but I have current knowledge in Perl, Powershell, batch, and Delphi as well. You don't see many delphi coders out there anymore, but it's good for support between multiple systems. I hardly ever work with PHP unless it's for webmaster purposes. Javascript is mainly what I use along with

If you're annoyed with lack of threading, learn Perl. Similar to PHP, but allows for threading.
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