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Full Version: Sharing C++ ebooks ! Get them now !!
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Hey guys , I'm going to share a few C++ ebooks I collected myself !
To get them post here and I will pm you the download link !

Thanks for reading !
I am thinking about start learning C++ in the future, so they would be very usefull for me, so i would love to get them Smile.
Thanks in advance.
Same here Big Grin they can be usefull in future... i want to learn coding...Smile
i would also like to get them buddy Big Grin
I joined solely to get some more C++ guides. Do any of them have anything to do with image detection or writing guis?
@Akinova and Scream sent you guys a pm !
@Startover4 I don't know I haven't seen them yet because I'm focusing on .
I wouldn't mind if I get these C++ e-books, too.
Please, PM me with some download links.

Thank you.
If you would be so kind, I would love to get those books. Thank you for sharing.
Dude Please Share Those eBook With Me, I am a Junior And this will help me a lot! Smile
Sent you a private message with the download links ! Enjoy guys = )
I don't want it as I am not hoping starting the C++ soon but it's nice to see you contributiong to the community. Good luck in the future and thanks for this amazing share. Blackhat
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