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Full Version: New to ubuntu need help.
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Hey SF, i am new to the linux distro ubuntu and was wondering if someone can help me with 2 things.

1. How can i get my Logitech quickam 9000 to work with my OS i have ran ubuntu before and was not able to get it but i did not know about helpfull forums like SF back then.

I do go on a webcam site and i like to share my desktop and my webcamera because i DJ on the site.

Also how can i get my M audio delta 44 soundcard to work with ubuntu?

I am sorry i sound like a noob i do not know anything about linux but i know it is a sexy OS and i would like to get into it i have always been a windows user ever since i have been on a computer.

Your help would be appriciated.
You may want to just try again. It sounds like it was a while back when you last tried Ubuntu. There now is a "Additional Drivers" app that Ubuntu uses to search the internet for your hardware drivers it needs.