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Full Version: I need help to find my first car =D
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I want something nice but not expensiv like for example ford mustang super snake thoose cars are awesome but expensiv as hell

I dont care about speed and I want a cool chassi or something when i drive I want my friends to see that my car is cool =S xD
It depends how cheap you want it. You can buy Ford Focus's at a very low price if they're used. They also get great gas mileage. The same goes for Ford Fiestas, as well as the new 2012 Nissan Versa which will only cost $10,900. Just remember, just because a car is nice that doesn't mean it gets good gas mileage. You should be frugal when looking for your first car.
Yes that matter but I bet there are cheap cars that dont use alot of gas I mean something that looks very cool I mean I want to drive and people look and be like nice or wow
Go on autotrader or craigslist. That is the easiest way to find a cheap. Just don't go to cheap on a car. Make sure you inspect it very good before you buy. The most important thing to do is always test drive it before you buy it.
Which country do you live in and what is your budget?
You can buy lots of nice cars for cheap.
Honda Civics Are great first cars.
Get a good old, cheap Lada. lolz
How about a used "Nissan 350z".
buy a used car no need for a new one :p
Check out your local car dealerships or even craigslist. I found a ford focus with only 13k miles for $3500 on craigslist.
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