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Full Version: Feels like I've been used, now everyone is being send offs.
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I use to have 3 very close friends and now I feel like I have 0. We use to always chill in my garage with hella other people like 15+ people. Now my said he is fed up with all the drinking, smoking, drugs going on in there. My neighbors even talked to my mom, but they're fine with it they won't call the cops, but they told my parents to just stop it. They've seen this happen before and the parents got in trouble and lost everything. Now that we can't chill at mine, no one ever calls me. Like out of the 40+ people I chill with no one hits me up. Not even my close friends? Like I have to text them.. Like yesterday I woke up at 11:30 and they were all already hanging out when I called my friend brian. No one ever txt'd me or anything? So today I woke up early and txt'd them. Even though I'm txting them they're out freakin again. I feel like they don't even want to chill with me. I feel like I've been used and now just thrown away. I was on the top and now I'm on the bottom. My friend paul is such a "cool" kid and everyone wants to chill with him. We use to chill all the freakin time every freakin day and now he doesn't even txt me or call me. He's a freakin sketchy ass kid now. I have on one.

tl;dr - I feel like I've been used and now thrown away.
The ones who were your close friends, talk to them man. Ask them up front, 'do you have a problem with me'? 'is there something I've done to put you off me'? In most cases since you have asked them face to face they will just come out with it and say yes, and tell you the problem or no and say your welcome to still hang out with us. They might want to hang about with other guys but that doesn't mean to say they don't like you anymore. Maybe they think you don't want to hang out with the other guys and they have made the choice of them over you. If that's the case then they don't see you as close to them as you thought they were and all they wanna do is hang out with the 'cool kids'. It sounds like your choices are, sort out your problems and hang about with all them including the kids you ain't too keen on, or simply go with principle and find new friends who will remain loyal to you.
What he said ^

Ask your best friends what happened and why they are no longer asking you to hang out.