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Full Version: What should I do?
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Summer started 3 weeks already. Before summer, I into making website and I decided to learn more in summer( Javascript ). ( I've learn HTML, CSS) Then, I start thinking web design isn't going to make me rich. Then I want to learn C++. I have touch it before but its too confuse. Now, I thinking concentrate on which one this summer. Another thing is after summer, I'm going to have a course that I can learn Python. Which do you prefer me to learn first? Javascript? C++? or prepare for Python?
I say stick with Javascript because it sounds like thats what you're good at.
Yes my think also same as skillify
So when do I start learning the others?
(06-22-2011, 04:48 AM)intel 4004 Wrote: [ -> ]So when do I start learning the others?

Just choose what you feel you should do. I'd say do Javascript now and maybe later in the summer do C++ then as you said after summer, Python
Uhhhhh Why is this in emotional support
"web design isn't going to make me rich."

Tell that to Mark Zuckerburg
.....sorry I think I'm thinking of something else. For web design, in my mind is making website templates and sell them. This make me think it won't earn much money.
Both, JavaScript won't take a week to learn.
Javascript won't take you very long to learn if you already have HTML finished. Stay with Javascript for now, and then, later, go to other languages.
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