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Full Version: Arguing?
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I love arguing I love love love it, maybe this is because I'm 15?
I always argue with people just for the sake of it, I'll argue to put my brain to the test to our wit the other person engaged in the argument...
Is this bad? I don't feel like it is but others mention it is bad, to me.

You are only 15. This means that you are still at the age of maturing, so I this is normal. As you grow up, you'll start to make better decisions and use a better choice of words with arguing. Depicting on your situation, there are more than one way of arguing.

Quote:I'll argue to put my brain to the test to our wit the other person engaged in the argument

I applaud you. You actually have a legit reason why you argue. But don't get caught up in the moment and start arguments for no reason. This is what creates drama, and fights. The reason why people think it is bad is because you would be spreading drama for no apparent reason, which can turn out to be getting you jumped, punched, or even killed. But in your case, you only do it to test people, which isn't a bad thing, but not a good thing either.

I think that you should only argue if someone else starts it. Don't be the bully and go around starting stuff, because that's just stupid. If you want to stand up for someone else or something, then go for it. But only engage when another person had started it.

- Brandenx781
Thanks for this great response!
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, many studies suggest that the argumentative have more inquisitive minds, and therefore may be a more intelligent sector of the extraverted population!
No there is nothing wrong with this however it may get to a point where someone will give you a slap.
Yeah, basically what Branden said. your maturing. Lol. So am i. Im a bit older though.
I've never argued with other people, really, except my parents.

But you have a real reason to do it. Just don't get out of hand, because that can end in tears.
In 90% of arguments there is never a winner, it's usually down to opinion instead of facts, not really sure why you would particular enjoy expressing your opinion over someone else's and continue to do so until the other just gets bored and lets you have it.
Join your school's debate club.
Actually, I'd say it's normal. Well, it depends on if you're right most of the time. If not, you should stop. O.o

Lol, I'm just kidding. Yeah, I'd say it's normal.