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Full Version: A girl :(
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I'm not like making myself seem cool over the internet but I'm decently popular in real life.
I'm 15, by the way.

Around 4-5 months ago:
So I find myself stuck in a situation, I'm stuck with this girlfriend who won't do crap with me and I've fudged myself by saying I was in love with her, but now I don't like her so I break up with her, over text. I felt bad because she said she cried and cried. I hate hurting girls but this was a relationship that was bringing me down.

I am so freakin in love with this girl like totally in love never ever felt this way before I hung out with her yesterday and I was just so happy when we kissed for the first time it was like sex she is and was so amazing, we didn't do much just finger and handjob but whatever, and it's the girl I dumped best best friend. I know it's bad but me and the girl are so in love it's not even funny she was dumped by her boyfriend the same time I dumped girl a, and ofcourse I was there because she is amazingly beautiful, now we can't tell people
1. Bestfriend = my ex
2. She's takin away many guys from girl a
3. My physco ex= still in love
4. Her mom HATES me like with a passion
She saw me smoking weed or something with some friends at a party thing

So I'm asking supportforums, will this relationship work out
I talk to her all the time and she is equally in love with me. It's going to be so hard to hang out though with the whole mom relationship and I love her so much it's hard to keep my mouth shut, I'll get my license in about 7 months so that will ease things up but will we be able to last this long?

And the main problem of this is I'm a huge manipulator, I'm a "player" and I'm worried that if I don't see this girl enough I'll play other girls because no one knows we are dating, I have a horrible habit of hanging out with girls and doing stuff with them I can manipulate a girl to do whatever I want and I'm just afraid something will happen and she will find out.

leaving this girl is COMPLETELY out of the question it would kill me.


yeah man like I said just try to ignore that other crap going on. If your're really that serious about her.

haha on a side note. it made me say "crap" thats legit.
If your relationship is based on love, then it has a far chance of succeeding others. But if you really want it to work out, you need to solve some of the problems on that list of yours.

Quote:1. Bestfriend = my ex
2. She's takin away many guys from girl a
3. My physco ex= still in love
4. Her mom HATES me like with a passion

Try to explain it to your ex, no matter how deranged or crazy she may be, that your relationship with her is over. Tell her to move on.
However, I blame you for dumping her over text. Its not the best way to end a relationship and miscommunication always occurs no matter how clear you may have been.

Second, talk to your new girlfriend on the subject. Try to explain to her your worry of being a "player" and her "taking away many guys from a girl" and that will create a feeling of trust and bonding between you both which will be greatly beneficial over time.

And lastly, I don't know how, but you need to fix it up with her mom. Show her that you aren't really that bad of a guy. Hopefully she'll come around.

Thats all the advice I can give right now. Make use of it.
Try to explain to your current love what's happening, and ask to try to keep it secretive if you really have to see her.
Thank you blackchaos advice helped a lot, also thanks hot chocolate. Big Grin

You cannot keep a relationship a secret, no matter how hard you try. Trust me, it will come out sooner or later so keeping your relationship a secret is also out of the question.

Quote:My physco ex= still in love

Well you can't really blame her. You suddenly broke up with her through text which I laugh at you for. But give her some time. It's not like she's going to get over the fact that you guys just broke up that easily. She could had had a lot of feelings for you, and you basically broke that for her.

Like my prodigy said, go talk to your ex about it and just say that the relationship is over. Well, don't be rude like how I kinda implied it, but just go over an talk about you both, and why the relationship didn't work out, because that she wouldn't do anything. Actually this is a fault on both parts.

Quote:Her mom HATES me like with a passion

If she hates you just because you were smoking, then go and talk to her mom. I know that if I was a dad and my daughter was with someone who was smoking, then I would stab him in the eye. You know how overprotective parents can be of their children. Smoking is a horrible thing to see especially if your daughter was dating a smoker. Would you trust her alone with him? I think not. That is why she hates you a lot.

At this point, I think it is a good attempt to go and talk to her mom alone. Say that you didn't mean for her to see that you were smoking. And basically change your attitude to a polite gentlemen especially when handling a parent. Say that you're sorry that she witnessed it, and explain to her that you would never bring her daughter under the influence. Basically explain that you wouldn't smoke or do anything stupid when with her daughter, and hope that she believes you, and make sure if she does, that you keep your end of the bargain.

If her mom does hate you still after you explained it to her, then prove it to her daughter that you are a sweet guy. Basically bring flowers over and give it to her daughter and stuff. Maybe talking with the dad may help also, since her mom probably told the dad already and now he is aware.

This part is where your common sense is. Everyone says that girls find out everything, and it's true that they do. And shut up about being a player, because you obviously can change that. I don't see what the problem really is with telling other people It seems that you both really do care what other people think about you guys together. Who cares if your ex finds out, it's not like you're going to get back with her. If she does anything to ruin your relationship, then go up and confront her like a real man, and say what's on your mind and stuff.

If you do decide to mess around with a girl on accident then just tell the girl who you're messing around that you are changing your ways and that you are not a player anymore, because you want to treat a girl right this time. It's called using some common sense. Would you rather mess around with different girls that don't even have any feelings about you or would you rather mess around with one girl where you can show your passion and deep love in? Your choice as I cannot choose your path. Trust me, she will find out if you do decide to mess with other girls. Think about changing your player interface.

So you're only 15 and you've had sex already? Omg
I can't say that I'm surprised.

Quote:Will this relationship work out

Let's just say that if you continue the relationship as a secret, then it won't work out. But if you allow this relationship to be open, then it would work out to a point.

You broke up with your ex just because you guys didn't do anything. This means that she could be insecure about stuff, or maybe she's not ready. You said you were 15, so she probably is too. I think she would had been a great girl to be with. And next time, be a man about it and break up with her in person.

To be honest, if the girl you are in love with right now is near your age and already having sex then I think she's a total slut; sorry to burst your bubble. Whistle

- Brandenx781
How long have you known this girl? You seem to be saying you love her too much to leave her way too quickly, but if you really did love her, you would never do anything with any other girl.