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Full Version: The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved
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I for one, was devastated. No joke. Bebe-pleure
I decided to finally give this a listen after so many of my friends were posting The Script songs/videos on FB. I'm now downloading all their albums. Thumbsup

EDIT: MODS! please move this to the Media Moguls section. I accidentally misposted. Sad
EDIT2: Thanks for the quick move!
I love this song, always knew it, but never watched the video until now. That's what I call "true love", wish more people would love like that these days. At the end of the video, I got very disappointed because I thought the girl he was waiting for would come back, but she didn't, made me upset.
Meh, not my style of music.

Train is pretty decent, although I do enjoy their older stuff. "Drops of Jupiter" is still one of my FAVORITE songs of all time. I like this one too, though. Thanks for sharing.
I like and got a few of there songs.
They have some good ones including this.
Not my style of music but I'm open to listening to new stuff, Its an alright song.