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Full Version: 2011 Dodge Charger
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What do you guys think?
I think WANT, not a very good advert though.
(02-21-2011, 12:02 AM)MarkW7 Wrote: [ -> ]I think WANT, not a very good advert though.

Really? I though it was well composed. Huh
Very nice car,everyone would love to have it,btw is that your car or?
Nice Car.

2010 Charger I thought wasn't very spacious though.

Atleast not the one my Grandpa bought...

It has 22' Chrome Rims hehe Tongue
If only I could somehow afford something like that. Only in my dreams.
I'm skeptical on which to favor more:

Dodge Challenger or the Dodge Charger.
My dad owns one, he works for a place called Pelegrino. It's nice!
It has a great Soundtrack to it. Don't really like the shape of the Car though, the '69 was better there Smile
It says the video is private. But I have this car. Tongue
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