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Full Version: The New Mustang
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So here are some pics.

[Image: wvqi6h8u7ijdu154kj3p_thumb.jpg]

[Image: 9ti9yxsx50n5hn9zb0fx_thumb.jpg]

[Image: 11nn4rsuwvqe3z9kqwek_thumb.jpg]
Personally not a fan of Mustangs but at least the latest ones from say 07 and up are decent, IMO the ones from about 1990-2005 were just a big flop, that one's an 08/09?
2008. And I agree that the entire 90's Mustangs were flops. But I think the 1998-1999 they started to look nice again.

Here for example is a 1995.

And here is a 2000.

A real difference imho when they started to muscle up the nose and give the car a more squared look.

Now the Mustang is once again one of the hottest selling cars on the road.
[Image: 2004-mustang.jpg]
I like it man, like above im not a big fan of mustangs except 67-69 models i love those.
I hope the Wife loves the car, it would be sad if she didn't. ;)

I'm a big fan, imo these new ones really look like Monsters that'll eat you up on the road.
The '07 Series, well they are too 'boxy' all square and stuff, the new '11 has now few curves here and there added and looks more powerful.
But still, the real beauties are the Shleby GT's, I would give my soul to drive one of those.

1.280px × 960px (Click to View)
[Image: 2011gt500mustang.jpg]

Also the new Giugiaro Mustang Concept looks awesome.
I think I'd rather get a Roush.

But check out these pics:
Looks pretty nice, I wouldn't mind having it. Big Grin
I love the really old Mustangs and the newer versions.
They are fairly cheap compaired with other super cars.
(02-08-2011, 04:55 PM)Omniscient Wrote: [ -> ]I think I'd rather get a Roush.

But check out these pics:

Awesome builts, but even Shelby can't keep up with Reed Speed. Just fine piece of Art.
I like it because it doesn't have much of those sharp edges the most of them have, or atleast it looks like it doesn't.

But there are ways to destroy the mustang, Galpin Auto Sports did it!

I like the direction they were going, but they messed it up at the end, and when they designed the back of the car.
The front however is awesome.

i like they are my favorite, but these are still nice.
That Reed Speed is very nice. I'm tempted to get a paint job now.
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