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Full Version: The New Mustang
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[Image: custom-1970-dark-green-mustang.jpg]

That's a real mustang.
That's nice but it looks more like a 70's Nova than a Mustang.

[Image: 505022069_757ef8e3e0.jpg]
But come on, these were the times! ( Sad just a decade earlier :'( )
[Image: 1982-ford-mustang-gt.jpg]

The look has pretty much changed since then.
Still, I wouldn't mind having atleast the '82 in my garage!

Omni,I officially envy you now!!!
I hated those years in the 80s. Those were some of the worst selling Mustangs.
(02-09-2011, 07:41 AM)Omniscient Wrote: [ -> ]That Reed Speed is very nice. I'm tempted to get a paint job now.

Noo! The gray is sexy as hell.

if thats your hose behind the car it looks nice man.
Thats a nice care whats top speed? this your car? :O
(02-14-2011, 04:54 AM)Denirulz Wrote: [ -> ] this your car? :O

Yes, this is his car. If you read this thread you'll see that he bought the car for his wife's birthday. She's one lucky lady Tongue
Omfg,my dream is to drive mustang, bastard lol
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