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Full Version: Paint/Dent question
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Well, I just bought a truck from my neighbor for 500 dollars.1997 Dodge Ram v8 5.9L.
Great truck, it runs nice. But it has one problem, someone stole it(in the past) and so I replaced the locks, ignition but when they took it, they trashed the body a little bit. Their are dents on the tail gate (on the top) dents along each side of the truck, and that's really it. They're kind of big, but not to big. I'm curious if anyone knows what the price usually is to get dents out/paint the whole vehicle. I tried looking for shops around here in Houston,Texas. But I couldn't find crap on google, I saw a lot of shops, but they were just paintless dents, I'm looking for remove dents,paint it
paint jobs are usually expensive
In general to get that done would cost a lot, as mentioned. But it also depends on where you take your truck. Sometimes though, you don't want to go for the cheapest way out. Some places can't get the paint color right to match the original car color, and if you wanted a good job, they only real thing to do is to paint the entire thing over again. It's very hard to match paint, and I can almost guarantee if you look at it in a sunny day that you'll notice the different shades. I've had my truck dented before from some jack*** opening their car door up carelessly against the passenger side, so i've been in this situation, but they ended up doing a terrible job on it, so after that money down the drain, I took it to a good shop and got it repainted entirely, black.

I bet you're looking over $1000 in almost any case though,
Paint jobs could go anywhere from 1k to about 40k just on paint. Depending on the style, detail, type of paint.
How much paint has come off? Depending on the amount of paint off you can get a touch up pen. You can get it from a third party supplier or OEM from manufacturer.

The truck is relatively old though, so even if you get it OEM color matched it wont be perfect. The color fades as it gets older.

And depending on the truck, you may be able to bump out some of the dents with a rubber mallet.
I don't want a color match. I'm basically going to just get the dents out myself. Then maybe sand it all myself, and just just send it into maaco's and get the paint done for about 400-600.
Just make sure that it's sandblasted clean, not manual sand paper or anything like that Smile And a full paint job will cost you more than 400-600 lol
Paint job will bust the bank. Just to let you know ;)
400-600? Are you kidding me? Do it yourself for way cheaper.

Could you post a pic of the dents?