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Full Version: Need Gaming Laptop.
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Alienware laptops are pretty good for gaming, consider buying one. Smile
Hmm the price is very high, You should buy a new and good one. Try Ebay or Amzon to look for new and good ones. Good luck.
yiu could get somthing with the same specs much cheaper, look on gumtree and sites like that, you get people deprate for a quick sale all the time
If your looking for a good gaming laptop. Get an alienware.
First of all, don't get a gaming laptop. Who wants to game on a tiny screen with a touchpad? Just a get a desktop if your a serious gamer.
Try to find a place that custom builds them and then wait for a sale or something. I know I can get a Radeon 6 series 2G, 16GB RAM, 500GB WD HDD and an i7/i5 for ~$900.
By the way, theres two problems if you actually buy that. Number 1, Core 2 duo is ancient. Number 2, 1080P on a 15.6" screen will make everything look tiny.
I regret that i bought a laptop i don't recommend it i can't play BF3 just because of my computer.. -.-'
I have an Alienware, the only bad thing about this is the really hefty price tag. I'd recommend getting a nice Toshiba, best brand IMO.
Not even looking at your specs because of this...

Damn sexy.
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