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Full Version: Need Gaming Laptop.
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You should get an Alien Ware there pretty good for gaming.
Alienware? Acer? Come on guys.

I would highly recommend Asus laptops, as I have heard numerous positive reviews about them. If you look online, the vast majority are those praising the quality, build, and speed of it.

If you decide against this, I would recommend Sony as a second. My brother personally has one, and it's great. Great speeds, and a very manageable battery life.

Ultimately, just keep searching for those bargains, and reading those reviews. You'll find one that suits you best. Smile
Seems like you're getting ripped off.. xD
700$ is a decent price enough said.
One suggestion is go through with Acer laptops and another one is you can buy whatever is your budget because you have enough budget to buy latest model with graphics card. One thing is common I want to say that you have to first decide to take graphics card more important then other things . after buying this you can buy another items as per remaining money.

Best luck.
try they have good pricing. i use that site.
Check out They are renown for their gaming laptops.
If I were you, I wouldn't get it. Look around and you should find something better.
Alienware laptops are pro dude! Smile
If you have the money, get Alienware. Best in the world.
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