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Full Version: Stereo system for 2001 Yukon Denali?
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Does anyone know any good stereos for a 2001 Yukon Denali? I just got my car not to long ago, and I would like one that allows me to hook my iPod up and play it through the speakers.

I checked out my local Best Buy, and they had some nice ones, but I wanted to get some recommendations, incase there is something better out there.


Fellow Support Forums Member,
I know someone can help me out, anybody got any links?
Smile lol. But for the sound system doesn't it have bose? I know my surburban has bose, and the 2 cars are like brothers.
yes his car does have a factory Bose speaker system throughout the vehicle, I think however you should go with Infinity Kappa speakers all the way around then 2 kicker solo-baric 15's in a nice bandpass ported box. with a good kicker amp maybe 1600 watts Max which is usually at 2 ohm's you will run about 1300 watts RMS to the subs. You should in that vehicle hit around 145.9db's. Also if I were you I would build a small platform in the back of the vehicle to angle the subs to where the reverberations hit the windshield and bounce back to you. You will then really hit around 150db's or close to it.
I would go with Sony Xplod for a dash unit. They are the best for their price.
damn that crap is gunna bump, i love denalis
(11-21-2010, 02:23 AM)iCyber Attack Wrote: [ -> ]I would go with Sony Xplod for a dash unit. They are the best for their price.

I wouldn't recommend that, not too good.
go look on MTX Audio there jackhammers are pretty nice Smile