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Well I like this girl (I think? Confused), shes a year younger than me, so it's awkward when I'm with my friends, but I know it's fine

anyway I while back when I first talked to her, wasn't good. we got into a huge fight over facebook (Omg), and then I didn't talk to her for a while

now whenever i do she just sys like one word stuff so its hard to start a conversation. eventually we start talking

i just dont know if shes like seeing if im trying to talk or if im bullshitting, or if she just hates me Whistle
Just keep trying bro. Theres a chance shes seeing if your interested in her/
she texted me once it feels like ur not even (my name) now, i was like wtf i hardly know u

i didn't say that, but that was a while ago and i stopped talking to her for a long time Confused
If you want her keep fighting for her, do whatever it takes to make her yours and don't look back. Because in the end you'll know the juice was worth the squeeze.
the juice was worth the squeeze lol'd
You don't actually have to like her, just pretend that you like her, and then bone her.

I dunno, that's what I do. Hehe

But seriously; straight up ask her if she likes you. Then report back.
Shades Shades Shades

crap doesn't go down like that in new jersey :l
Hmm, do something for her, give her a kiss in public!
im 15 not 27
Trust me bro, Right now im in a boat half way simliar to yours. Except mines a girl that is a grade above me i take crap for it exc exc, and its a pain in the ass to contact her other then at concerts where i take crap for talkin to her. You just gotta keep tryin man, if you like her theres a chance she likes you. if she dont then well man just get over it.
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