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Full Version: Pet Death
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Does anyone else cry when your pet dies?
Me and my cat have been together for 14 years, when he dies it will be devastating and of course i will cry.
Of course. Crying is a completely natural follow up on a normal human emotion.
Perfectly natural. I had a dog who got liver cancer when I was in 6th grade. He put him to sleep. I'm a junior in high school and I still occasionally cry about it... Crying helps you feel better from the crummy feeling before it.
I would have to say coming from a sarcastic butthead known to my friends at least... It is devastating watching or knowing your pet died...

I was pretty depressed when my dog died, i really loved my dog Sad
When I was younger I was so sad when we had to put down my 2 dogs. They both had some problems as they where really old so we felt it was best to put them down rather than them having pain. They where brother and sister and I had soo many memories with them. Big Grin
When they got put down I got a new dog which was only a couple of months old. He's now 10 Big Grin
Personally I can't live without having a dog Tongue they are awsome.
Hell yea when my pug i balled for the longest time ever! Good luck getting over it its hard! I always try to think shes in a better place!
Yeah I haven't had a pet die yet but I can see one of them is coming close which I'd rather not think of the day when she finally does..But I'm sure I will.
I was just about to post a thread like this.
I posted one on HF, but there are too many trolls.

Quote:Two years ago my dog got hit by a car, and today they put him to sleep.
The vet said that when he got hit by the car one of his ribs put a hole in his stomach, but they missed it.

A few days ago he started to look like he was in pain again so we took him to the vet and they said that the hole got bigger and they had to put him to sleep.
Yeah its normal to cry, I had my pet dog die on my lap when we were taking him to the vet, He had a heart attack.
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