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Full Version: [UPDATE FROM LAST GIRL] This Girl...
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Well I wanna do a quick update with the girl I was talking about:

I have not talked to her the whole summer! She texted me tons of time though, here are some that I remember:

"I miss you"
"You don't need to reply, but I just wanted to say..." can't remember exact but she was apologizing.
"did you make the team" soccer.


There was this girl who I've liked a lot. She is nice, really pretty. And just great. I have known her sense I was like 6? We use to play soccer together as kids Big Grin And she sent me a picture of back then the other day. But I started to like her a few months ago. Once she asked me out but I was going out with my ex. Dumb bitch in the thread above. I don't know if she was so serious though because she was with her friends when she called me. But she did act like she liked me.

After that I talked to her a lot! Talked everyday, almost all day. An it felt good, I like talking to her. But we kinda stopped out of no where and didn't talk for a few days. But we started talked little by little and now were talking a lot more. Now I really like her. An the BEST part is she is going to my school now, because were going to high school now Big Grin So I am going to see her everyday. Also her dad lives up the street kinda. Like 10 minute walk.

Now I wanna ask her out, but I'm not sure if I should. I don't want her to say no, and be weird after. But it wasn't when she asked me and I said no. (Would of said yes if I wasn't taken ;) I'm not sure if she just wants to be friends :|
What do you guys think or girls? Should I or no? Or just continue to be friends?
You'll regret it if you don't at least try, so ask her. Good luck
I personally think that you should ask her. You've known each other for ages and therefore if she say's no then it wont be awkward, she should understand.

I think if you don't then you will regret it. In face it seems to me that she is pretty interesting and I would bet that she would ask you out again but since you said no before she's waiting for you.

Ask her and good luck,

~ Sam
Yeah, I hope so. I will soon. When school is getting closer. I was gonna go to her house today but she had to go with her mom to the water fall place.

Where both good at soccer Big Grin
Play together sometime Smile
IMHO it sounds like you have a great friendship going on now.
To start a relationship will ultimately either work or destroy your friendship.
My advice would be not to ask her out. Let her make the first move if it comes to that. If not keep the friendship. There hard to find.
It appears you 2 have already had a brief "no talking" for a few days and you dont even know why.
The womans mind is a weird thing!
Just my thoughts anyway.
more opinions?
I recommend doing it in person.
(08-18-2010, 04:38 AM)TheGeniusism Wrote: [ -> ]I recommend doing it in person.
haha, yeaaah, I guess.
The best way is to do it in person, that way you could a reply from the girl sitting next to you. Not from the girl asking her friends what should I say, what should I say.

Other than that, I think you should go for - although I think I'm the last guy you should take advices from - it. Best of luck mate.
Person. Be completely real.
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