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So there's this girl that I like. I've known her almost a year, but I hadn't talked to her for several months, and the last time I saw her was 7 months ago. She stopped talking to me because I pissed off her boy friend, who was my best friend, and she thought it'd mess up their relationship. I started talking to her through Myspace, and now texting a few weeks ago. She told me she broke up with her boyfriend a few days ago. I want to try to get with her, or at least be friends with her because I like her. But, when I talk to her, she usually gives me short replies or she won't reply. What should I/can I do guys?
You should try talking to her in real life.
Have you tried apologizing to her? If not call her and do or do it in person so take care of that and when you do make sure to include your feelings for her tell her something like EX.( I am really sorry about what happened I wish I could go back and change it but I cannot, I only did it because of my feelings for you, will you forgive me?)
Do something like that just know you will be setting your self up for a 50/50 chance of getting really hurt if she gets mad. ALSO you might not be her type, just before you peruse her to much make sure she likes you just a little at least!
Try to talk to her in real life. If she doesn't want to hang out right away, give it some time. If she's feeling down about that break up, make sure she knows she can talk to you about it. The more she feels she can trust you, the closer she will feel to you. Don't act like a hard ass towards her.
Just try to get conversations going, but don't text or talk too much and become a clingy person. When you do talk, just try to relate to her.
I've apologized to her before, that was one of the first things I said when I started talking to her again. Also, she doesn't like phone convo's, she likes texting, and I don't think I could meet her in real life again, at least not yet or at the moment. And I really don't know how she feels about me now. When we used to be friends, she asked me if I liked her, and I told her yeah. Then I asked if she'd ever be with me if she wasn't with her guy, and she said yeah. But, that was about 10 months ago. Also, I forgot to mention, she told me she's talking to this one dude at school that she likes. Sad
Thanks you guys. She says she's not mad at me. I apologized again. I tried texting her, but she seemed a bit busy today, and only gave me a few responses. I'd like to keep texting her though, and get her interested in talking with me again so I can hang out with her sometime, and become at least friends.
I'm bumping this. I'm having a hard time talking to her. At times we have decent texts with one another, and other times she ignores my texts for days until she starts talking to me again.
I usually just butter girls up. Literally ;)
Try talking to her. Ask her to take some of her time to discuss the situation you are in and that you care for her and that this fighting or hating will ruin your relationship. Get to know her once again and give it sometime before you approach her with "Will you go out with me?" or "Wanna be my gf?"

Hope this helps, I know it helped my friend.. Kyle Tongue
Hmm i knew girls like that i ignore them and make them come after me
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