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Full Version: Help me get over her
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Hey guys, so I recently broke up with my girlfriend, I loved her with all my heart and I need help getting over her.

So our friendship started out like crap, we would get into stupid fights, often ignoring each other (we were just friends then). We would always be a dick to each other, but one day we hung out and we really got together for some strange reason. A few days after that we started to talk on the phone every night, we got to a point where we hung out a few more times and I asked her to be my girlfriend. She said yes and I was the happiest guy on earth. She was my first girlfriend I ever had so you know how much of an impact she had on my life. I tried my best to be the perfect boyfriend. I spent hours on google searching on how to do this and how to do that to please her emotionally and physically. I ignored family members, friends, and shcool work for her. I couldn't get enough of her, I thought everything was going amazing until on the second month she told me she was losing feelings for me and that we should break up. My entire life shattered, I broke down and started crying. She said she still wanted to be friends and I agreed. We still spoke on the phone everyday and eventually she wanted to try our relationship again. We, again were going pretty good. It was summer so her family and her went on vacation for 3 weeks, I promised I would be faithful and still love her even though the time apart was for so long. I wrote to her on facebook message everyday about how my day was, what I did and that I missed her and loved her. I even wrote letters and cards and slipped them under the door of her house even though I knew no one was home (she told me she would be happy if I did those things so I did) I spent so much time on her, so much money to make our relationship into one of the best. While I wrote to her on facebook everyday, not missing a single one she probably responded once or twice. When she finally came back I called her and everything and we hung out a few days after she came back. We started getting into little arguments that were meaningless, so I always said she was right because I didn't want us to argue. A few more weeks pass she said she was losing feelings and said we should have a break, not break up. But I read online that it meant she liked someone else or she wanted to let me down easy, so I eventually broke up with her. We became friends with benefits for a few days and then she really pissed me off. I asked if she wanted to get back together again, but this time she said that she wanted to stay single and didn't want to get into a relationship. Tonight, I saw on her facebook flirting with this guy with hearts and saying he looked good that day and he too said she looked "absolutely gorgeous" that freakin pissed me off, I couldn't take it anymore, that freakin bitch. It hasn't even been a week and she's already flirting with other guys in front of me. I'll admit I was flirting too, but not in front of her. I didn't want her to feel bad so I silently flirted. I'm almost 100% sure she tried to make me jealous with her flirting, and sadly, it worked. I deleted her from facebook and AIM. Now I'm writing this and I need help getting over her. I deleted our pictures, videos, texts and everything we had. I don't want to keep in contact with her anymore. Please help me, what should I do?
Well you did pretty much what I would've already told you to. You removed all contact and history. Only time can take care of this now. In the mean time try to keep your mind off things and maybe look for another girlfriend.
I keep having dreams about her and I together and it really makes me sad in the morning. How do I stop having dreams about her?
I don't know man, get another girl friend to keep your mind off things, you did good by deleting her from facebook and AIM, so the only thing to do is get another past time.
You have already broken contact with her that is the main thing. Next go out and find someone else. Take your time and find someone you like, you will have her out of your mind with time, TIME is the only way to get over someone. Hope it works out for you.

Google is not a place for relationship advise, you should have talked to someone you knew that had a long healthy relationship.
You cut off all contact. That's the first step. I had a problem very similar with my ex. For the dreams, you need to keep yourself busy. Don't let yourself think of her. Keep busy until you're about to go to sleep. When you can barely keep your eyes open, go to sleep. A good thing I used to do when I was in that situation was work out. If you still have extreme anger towards her, use that to motivate you. I still have a very large amount of anger towards my ex. I get by because I found someone else who I can consider to be even more amazing than my ex seemed. When I get a bad feeling about my ex, I get by at the fact that she will never know what she missed out on. You sounded like an awesome boyfriend. You don't need to waste it on a girl who can't appreciate it for a longer period of time.
Think of all the bad times you had, and how much better off you are without her.

May sound dumb, but you obviously like her too much still, so try to make yourself discontinue from liking her.
You should find something that will keep you so busy(like a hobby) , you wont have time to think about her.
Ok so I'm like 80% over her, but she added me on facebook again and I accepted. I guess I have the willpower to not look at her profile. Just a little bit more to go before I completely lose feelings for her Smile
Thanks for the advice guys!
(08-19-2010, 07:33 PM)Kharnage Wrote: [ -> ]Ok so I'm like 80% over her, but she added me on facebook again and I accepted. I guess I have the willpower to not look at her profile. Just a little bit more to go before I completely lose feelings for her Smile
Thanks for the advice guys!
Dejavu I suppose? I remember this EXACT same scenario with my first chick. Wow. My advice bud, find some distractions. You won't even want her anymore after you've gone about a month and a half without her.
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