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Full Version: Aspie in distress
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I have recently been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.
I am 20.
All my life I felt like a retard and/or a freak because nobody knew what was wrong with me.
Now I am diagnosed my girlfriend has been running through stuff with me to work out what medication I can get to help me sort my head out(been getting depression because of the struggles).
My life here is crap at the moment, everything that can go wrong has gone wrong.
The topic I NEED urgent help with:
I cant think straight because my mind is moving much faster than I can keep up with.... it is pretty brutal and I just cant control it or slow down.
,,, research has told me I have 2 options:
1) Get powerful stimulants to make me able to keep up
2) Get relaxants to slow it down
which option should I go for, and what medications would act as that selection?
also medications must be over-the-counter and legal. I currently take "super skunk" a legal brand of cannabis mixed with marijuana sort of mix.
ask me anything else you need to know
I actually have a kid who lives behind my house who has this, much worse than you have it, I feel bad for you man and i think the medicinal marijuana approach is great and affective.
I personally would go with the stimulants, no one wants to be doped up and slow all day, you already have medical marijuana for that.
the issue is that this medical marijuana I am getting from a "legal high shop"... I am building a resistance to it very fast
I have had to use 8x as much to be effected today as I did 2 days ago.
What other stuff is there? over the counter in the uk... and stimulants sound a bit better to me so what options in that do I have?
And the dope me up thing would be best for emergencies when I am having my panic attacks
bump , quite urgent
I'm an Aspie.
Got diagnosed late, but much earlier than you.

Lots of anti depressants for it and things to get rid of anxiety.
And talk to Psychologists Big Grin
Go for the stimulants.

~ P