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Full Version: My own perspective on the topic of prisons
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You want me to share omni?
Um ok. Why not.

Before i start i will say this. We owned a 40 acre property with 2 houses. My old man was in 1 and i was in the other with my grand parents.

Aged 15 wake up to guns in my face. People all dressed in black with guns. Scared the crap out of me. Turns out they were cops.
A whole bus load of them come from about 500kms away along with around 30 cars. So not really sure how many. But there was LOADS of them.
They arrest my old man and my dads bitch.
After perhaps 5 hrs they let us get dressed and go about our daily business. (missed school obviously)
(I had to catch a bus to school as we lived in the country. So most people caught this bus. They get to my place to pick me up and see cops on the roof of the house and searching everywhere.)
So dads arrested. Caos is basically happening now. But we had many animals that needed caring.
So me and my Grandfather go to give the horses water first off.
As we leave i see a car drive down our driveway with dads bitch in it.
(Prob 1 km between houses)
We had to wait a bit to attend to horses as there was some crap going on. Then we hear they have found a body.
Then the bitch drives off with the cops again.
Were now allowed to go to attend to the horses. Well were getting water out of the channel when a damn cop diver pops his head out of the channel. NO crap. Its only about 4 feet deep and dirty as all crap. I could not believe it when he popped his head out of the water. So we go to give horses water and we see the cops in the shed. As we walk past (other side of channel) we see them pull a plastic bag out out of the ground. (body in there)
So thats the start. DAD is in deep crap at this stage. We know it and so i call my mum. (left our family when i was born) and ask her to come get me. (she lived about 600kms away)
Anyway she comes and gets me and thats the end of me living in the bush or living with my family.
I am now at Mums. (also a bitch)
So dad goes straight to what they called D division in those days. (remand) (Bad place D)
Visits start. To start with it was atleast twice a week but dad got loads of extra visits.
They sucked a bit. 1 contact which was basically at a school table and screws all around.
Second visit was a box visit. Which is what is sounds like. Your in 1 box and he is in the other. No physical contact available.
Visits go on. Dad gets toey after prob 6 months. (he was testifying against corrupt cops in an unrelated issue so they wanted him dead)
So dad decides to escape. (Officially the last ever to escape from Pentrige Prison)
He gets out for a few hrs. He calls us. We try find him but cops get him first. Now he is thrown into what they call H division or the hole.
23 hr lockup with 1 hr release by yourself.
Only visits were box visits. But worse than just that. You were in a room about the size of a toilet and then there was another room inbetween then again another which dad was in and you communicate through a phone. Bars and glass ofcourse. So he was about 10 feet away from you at closest.
After a short time he got stabbed in there by chopper read and one of his fuckstick mates.
(yep you heard correct. There is only supposed to be 1 prisoner released at a time yet this time there were 3)
They stabbed dad in the back 3 times and then dad got a chair and beat them off. Lucky to live. (cops organised the hit)
Dad was later found not guilty of escape lmfao despite the fact they found him miles away from the prison. Smile Self defence was the plee and he won. (cop later got jailed over the allegations)
Anyway the assholes that stabbed dad did not get charged although one of them got killed inside Big Grin (most likely related)
So now dad is forced into Jika Jika. This is a really cool place despite the fact it held some really bad assses.
Now he goes to court. By this time 1 murder has turned into 4 murders. Dunno guess he was a bit of a bad boy?
So he is sentenced to life with 36. In other words 2 x life or 18 years and 2 served concurrent.
Now he gets moved to another state. (1000kms away) because 2 of the murdered people were from there.
So now i have to travel huge distances to see him.
Thats a start anyways. Not sure if it deserves its own thread.
I will leave it to the staff to decide.
I did not really get into the whole prison bit yet. More just a bit of understanding before i do so assuming people want to know.
(07-27-2010, 02:01 AM)DAMINK™ Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure if it deserves its own thread.

It does.
Well it has its own thread. Have at it. Ask questions.
I dont care. You want to know something then ask. I will answer.
Do you ever think about what it would be like if your dad didn't kill those people? Would you of had a better childhood?
(08-02-2010, 12:37 AM)Travy Wrote: [ -> ]Do you ever think about what it would be like if your dad didn't kill those people? Would you of had a better childhood?

Tears me up to think about it. Seriously it does.
Yes mate. My life was crap for years. Do i blame dad honestly though? No I blame me for not being stronger.
DAMINK™, no offense but your story would be a great movie.
Oh see no one is asking the correct questions.
This could be the move my friend. Trust me i got crap to tell.
wow, i never wanna go to prison

First of all, i can never deal with the guilt, I have immunity anyways...
I think you should write a book about your experiences <3
(08-02-2010, 06:55 AM)Mentalist Wrote: [ -> ]I have diplomatic immunity anyways...

First, Mentalist, the hell? How do you have immunity?

Second, I wouldn't survive in prison. That read was disturbing. I think I'm going to just sit in my corner for a bit. Ohmy
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